Monday, March 16, 2009

Measure My Monday~

Today I would measure my Monday as a "Mild Monday"...

No big plans today! I enjoy a day once in a while where all I do is rest and relax. Ahhhh~

I did wake with a mild, nagging headache this morning that I am still trying to get rid of but I am doing as little as possible outside of sitting in my recliner with my laptop. I am catching up on all my world of online friends, blogging, a few minor computer projects and surfing the local online classifieds looking for a new job. Still have my job at the shop but feel in my gut that it is time for a change.

Had a wonderful weekend and some great services yesterday! We had a Missions Conference and our Sunday School Kids put on a program that turned out to be awesome! Here are a few Pix of our children representing ministers across the world and countries that we help minister to...
Ministers around the world...







Mexico...and so many more...

This evening, if I feel up to it; I will be going to the fellowship hall where we a bunch of us ladies will be starting our annual fundraiser where we make Chocolate peanut butter eggs and sell them to raise funds for our ladies ministries across the world. It is a lot of fun to get together as making them is all the fun in the annual fund raiser. Here is a pic of the ones I made for Lexi & Charity last year. They both get one every year! Can't wait to get started!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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