Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Measure My Monday

Mondays have always been one of my least favorite days of the week until recently. I decided to start taking Mondays off. A week day that I can do as I please rather it me relax, clean, take care of business, etc.

Sundays are big for me. I teach Sunday School and sing on the praise team at church. That means early for class for preparation and early for services for practice. They end up being long and not feeling like a day off. Don't get me wrong....I very much enjoy every ounce of it which was my reason for applying for the positions. I just didn't like starting a new work week out after such a big day.

Back to Monday...

I use to measure my work Mondays as Manic, totally crazy "catch up" and "start up" days. And its no fun starting up a Monday when you are already exhausted!

Now that I am taking Mondays off and to break the "Mundane Monday". I use other "M" words to measure my Monday's....mild, moderate, motivated, etc.

This week I used "Motivated Monday" because I started my spring cleaning early. Taking one room at a time, cleaning from top to bottom. The older I get the longer it takes so it may take me a month of Mondays to finish even this small spaced apartment. But I hope to stay motivated to the end!

I often hear people use the term "Manic Monday". Is that the way you measure your Monday?

SO, how DO YOU measure your Mondays?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kimeri's Kastle

My new blog page was created to help pull me from my writing plunge and attempt to keep me connected even when I'd rather be hiding out. During the process of blogging, I hope to make and meet many new friends. Thank you Brett, Dawns Diversions husband for helping me come up with the name.

For those who don't know me: I am a single mom who proudly raised my DD on my own. I am an active member of my church assembly, crafty, creative, fun loving, outgoing and enjoy long drives while enjoying God's creation. One of my favorite ways of collecting myself mentally and emotionally.

I have a small family but enjoy spending time with extended family. I live life positively and make the best of all that comes my way. I have been working on writing a book (Testimonial)off and on for two years but find it difficult at times and put it away. Again, I am in hopes that blogging will pull me from the plunge. I am ready to stop talking about it and finish it soon, get it published and share! All in hopes to help moms, women, young ladies, to over come their abusive past and offer hope for healing through the love of Jesus Christ. I am a survivor and even though I struggle with depression and have been diagnosed Bipolar, I know first hand how God's love is an amazing healing element. As He has pulled me from the pits of suicide and spared my life.

My interests are: church, coffee, computer projects, crafts, creating, daughter, decorating, designing, dogs, family, friends, forensics, hosting, moonlight, movies, music, nieces, organizing, pedicures, photography, reading, scraping, serving, singing, sewing, snowflakes, and writing.

2 years ago this month, I left my career job working for a local media company and went back to work (after a long break) in the floral business. I am a floral designer and wedding consultant. I enjoy designing but prefer specializing in weddings & events and customer service.

Looking forward to not only what the blog world has to offer me but I hope to have a few things to offer as well. You are welcome to stop by anytime.