Friday, February 19, 2010

Wacky Winter~

This has been one of the wackiest winters we have had in years here in NW Arkansas. We have seen the most snow this winter than we have seen in several years and I have enjoyed every snowflake that has fallen. I can't say it enough...I love the snow! I hope to see at least another snow or two before winter is over. However, I have been enjoying this spring like weather that we have been experiencing this week. It couldn't have come at a better time considering we unexpectedly lost a friend this week and needed the sun to shine down on us.

I couldn't resist wanting to share my fun experience in the snow this winter when my daughter and I decided to go for a drive to get some winter pix of the beautiful and largest snowfall of the year (so far). We had gotten 9 inches of snow and I couldn't resist the urge to be out in it. While driving around, we come across this beautiful pond near a park and I wanted some pix of the ducks that were swimming on the pond and the beautiful scenery that surrounded it with all the snow. So, I decided to take a drive on the unplowed, side road that takes you to the pond/park. I was doing really good until I got up to the hill that we had to climb to top the edge to catch the scenery. That's where it happened.....I got stuck.

While I tried with all my might to get unstuck; I sent Charity over the edge of the hill to take some pix of the ducks on the pond. I was so excited to get these pix and wasn't the least bit bothered that we were stuck in the snow. I was calling it a fun adventure while my daughter was rolling her eyes....LOL

We decided to call a friend who actually happened to be real close by to come help pull us out. Once we told him our reason for being where we were he was in the middle of hooking up our vehicles and told Charity, with his pointing finger, "this is what you need to be getting the pictures of." So she runs to the van to get her camera back out and this is whet she got....

I'd be ready to get out and do it again tomorrow if it snows another 9 inches:D
Have I mentioned that I LOVE THE SNOW?!?! Just wanted to make sure you knew that! lol


  1. OH MY HEAVENS!!!!! Look at that hill!!!! Great pictures was worth it.

  2. lol i love how next to the van is a sign that says thin ice stay away. ur too funny