Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fresh Start~

Well, it's only been 10 months since I last blogged. HA~ Shame on me.
I even ask a dear friend Sheila to redo my blog layout for encouragement. Thank you, Sheila. You did an awesome job! I also sought some encouragement from my dear friend Dawn on more than one occasion.

So here I am, several months later, making a fresh start! I have decided I am just gonna have to put my fingers to the keys and just "gitter done" random as it may be.
I am also gonna have to relearn all the fun little gadgets that help make blogging fun and exciting to read and write. Maybe with some help from all of my wonderful blogging friends I will have it all down again in no time:D

As much as I love the snow, I am hoping our 2010 winter is nearing the end and our next season is ready to spring;) Each season holds it's own beauty and I appreciate the beauty and the freshness of the new blooming trees, grass, flowers and the beautiful lingering fragrances along with warmth of the sunshine!! I can almost feel and smell it all escape, as cabin fever has 'bout got the best of me!

I can't wait to share the fruits of my creative juices that have been flowing during the winter months. With all the excitement of the babies of several online friends(Lin, Kristine & Marianne)that are on their way! It sure put my mind wheels rolling. I love babies and I enjoy sewing for babies. I will share as I get them completed. Here is a shot of an unfinished set of burp cloths that I can't wait to get in the mail:D

Don't they just make ya wanna have another baby....hehe:D

Some of my winter coup chores should have consisted of doing lots of cleaning but instead they consisted of:
>>Organizing all of my pix into file folders. Would you believe I have so many that it actually took two full days to get that them done?! The I placed them on a flash drive so I wont lose them if my laptop ever decides to crash! Been there don't that:/
>>Organizing all of crafts supplies, threads and ribbons so I feel more like crafting when I feel my creative juices flowing instead of screaming....LOL
>>More of an activity but working on a farm scene puzzle and I have been enjoying it as it has brought back so many memories of my childhood days of living on the farm:)

Most of you know I have had a pet in my home for the last 12 years but had to make one of the toughest decision to find my latest baby Chloe` a new home due to the difficulty of my health and finances this year. One of the hardest decisions I have had to make in a very long time. While I have had a difficult time adjusting and missing her terribly I took the time to find just the right home where I KNOW she is with a very loving family and is being a comfort to her new mommy AND she is getting ready to be a new mommy for the first time herself:D Her new dearest online friend Karen drove three hours to come pick her up and I am SO looking forward to going to visit them in the Spring. My last planned trip was cut short as I was Ill and had to make a quick trip home and ended up back in the hospital for the second time in the same month.

Speaking of spring....the sun is shining and the temp is in the 50's spring-like. I think I am going to get out, soak up some sun, enjoy feeling the sun shine on my face for awhile and breathe in some fresh air. Hope it brings some healing to this heaviness I have been feeling in my heart! More to come....


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I am sooooooo happy you are back to blogging. Your page is ADORABLE..really!! I LOVE IT. I can't wait to read more of your happenings....let it roll...that's all I do.

    So sorry about Chloe. ;o(

  2. Kimeri, I LOVE the new layout. It's so fun!

    And, you should absolutely share with us all your creativity. We can hopefully gleen something new from you. You have such a talent.

    I know how heartbreaking it was to let Chloe go. But, knowing she's happy makes it so much easier.

    Love you and so glad you're back to blogging!!!

  3. I love your page, it's colorful & elegant, just like you!! You have such wonderful idea's when you do your crafting, they look wonderful!

  4. your blog, and hope to visit often! Being in Florida, I find myself not too appreciative of this colder weather, but then's the perfect time to get some crafting done, right?!