Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Measure My Monday

Mondays have always been one of my least favorite days of the week until recently. I decided to start taking Mondays off. A week day that I can do as I please rather it me relax, clean, take care of business, etc.

Sundays are big for me. I teach Sunday School and sing on the praise team at church. That means early for class for preparation and early for services for practice. They end up being long and not feeling like a day off. Don't get me wrong....I very much enjoy every ounce of it which was my reason for applying for the positions. I just didn't like starting a new work week out after such a big day.

Back to Monday...

I use to measure my work Mondays as Manic, totally crazy "catch up" and "start up" days. And its no fun starting up a Monday when you are already exhausted!

Now that I am taking Mondays off and to break the "Mundane Monday". I use other "M" words to measure my Monday's....mild, moderate, motivated, etc.

This week I used "Motivated Monday" because I started my spring cleaning early. Taking one room at a time, cleaning from top to bottom. The older I get the longer it takes so it may take me a month of Mondays to finish even this small spaced apartment. But I hope to stay motivated to the end!

I often hear people use the term "Manic Monday". Is that the way you measure your Monday?

SO, how DO YOU measure your Mondays?


  1. I usually have "Mellow Mondays".

    Our weekends are busy, so it seems like when Monday rolls around, I'm ready to just mellow-out for a day!

  2. Love this new blog! :) Congrats on getting it up and running...can't wait to keep reading more and more...

    As for my Monday's, like all days, I'm just trying my best to wake up and feel grateful for all that I have been blessed with - be it on Monday or Thursday or any other day of the week. To wake up surrounded by those who love me most, to be healthy and to have a roof over my head and a kitchen full of food is enough of a blessing to start any day off on the right note! :)

  3. My Mondays are no different than any other day. I guess that's a good thing!

    Good job on your post Kimeri.

    If I haven't said it lately - I'm glad your blogging! =)

  4. I love this post...
    I do enjoy Mondays..a bit manic in my world. However, I welcome the start of a new week.

  5. Hi Kimeri! I am Dawn's friend and she told me about your blog. Welcome!! I have added you to my list. :)

  6. First time visiting your blog.....as for my mondays...well I dont look forward to them I enjoy the week-end when I get to spend time with my hunny and son from sun up til sun down, no 8-10 hours apart!!! So mondays are kind of sad becuz I know I have to go CLEAR til friday before I get to do that again!!

  7. I'd have to say my Mondays are measured by a 'Maybe'...Maybe I'll get up and clean the house from the busy weekend, and Maybe I won't. Usually the later. Great post. Glad to find you on here.